Monkey (jet li) I

The Monkey King, portrayed by Jet Li in "The Forbidden Kingdom."

Monkey is the Chinese god in mythology of fortune. Also known as "Sun-Wukong" or the "Monkey King," Monkey is a famous trickster god and a hero from Journey to the West.

Monkey is famous in pop culture, and is many movies, such as the "Monkey King," and "The Forbidden Kingdom."

Abilities Edit

  • Shapeshifting: Monkey has the power to take 100 forms of disguises.
  • Fighting Style: Monkey has the ability to fight with a style, of which we do not know of. But possibly he uses Monkey style.


  • It is said that Monkey was hatched from a magical egg.
  • Monkey is depicted with yellow hair and eyes that looks like the ones of a trickster. Logically, that's true.

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